Game of Attrition CD

Game of Attrition: Arlene Sierra, Vol. 2, is Sierra's orchestral portrait disc, released by Bridge Records to international critical acclaim.

Arlene Sierra's Kiskadee is described as "a superbly crafted work and a compelling listen" in the Chicago Classical Review, in a performance by the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra, Stilian Kirov, conductor. 

Lawrence A. Johnson writes, "Sierra’s treatment of the kiskadee theme is no gently lilting birdsong... Emphatic and aggressive, the three-note motif is punched out in strident brass, piano and winds. The vying repeated-note troupial theme is first heard in a solo violin and the two themes collide and do battle before the kiskadee has the emphatic final word. Kiskadee is a superbly crafted work and a compelling listen. Sierra packs a lot into [an 8]-minute span and her scoring is assured and stylish with an edgy brilliance to her writing for brass, winds and percussion. Kirov and the IPO musicians gave this local debut first-class advocacy, with playing of impressive bite and precision, skillfully balanced and scrupulously prepared by Kirov."